Imagine the Possible



Imagine every qualified student having access to college.

Imagine Millersville students gaining first-hand experience to be key contributors in the workforce and civically engaged in the community.

Imagine Marauder student-athletes competing for championships on the field while pursuing academic excellence in the classroom.

Imagine the Possible.


$10 Million


$16 Million

Student Learning Experiences

$6 Million

Marauder Athletics

Imagine the Possible
Campaign Promise

To focus resources on our students.

Commitment to Students

Millersville University is an exceptional institution, distinct in its unparalleled commitment to its students. Students receive direct instruction from world-class faculty—not graduate assistants. This attention distinguishes Millersville from its peers, creating a close-knit community where undergraduate research, hands-on learning opportunities, internships and civic engagement are top priorities. Millersville students are involved in a diverse set of experiences, which provide them with the tools needed to become successful employees, community leaders and citizens.

The Challenge

However, these achievements are being challenged by past reductions in state support along with the increasing economic challenges faced by our students. Thirty-five years ago, the Commonwealth provided 85 percent of the University’s operating budget. Today, the state appropriation covers less than 20 percent. In addition, eight of 10 Millersville students now qualify for financial assistance.

The Opportunity

Millersville invites you to join us as we address these challenges with the first campaign in the University’s history entirely focused on students. Our goal is to raise $32 million in private support by 2020 to immediately assist with Scholarships, Student Learning Experiences and Marauder Athletics.

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Together, we will provide access to deserving students.

Together, we will deliver opportunities that inspire.

Together, we will Imagine the Possible.