Imagine Access

Imagine Naima Teaching
Students of the Future

“The support of scholarships has allowed me to focus on my studies rather than the financial aspect of school. I also don’t have to worry about having to pay loans back.”

Naima Winder ‘22

Imagine Karam
Discovering Solutions

“With the help of scholarships, I am attending professional conferences and meeting experts in my field—providing me with hands-on learning experiences and furthering my commitment to chemistry. With this knowledge, I hope to follow my dream of discovering novel chemistry solutions and educating younger generations.”

Karam Idrees ’18

Campaign Priority:

Increase the total amount of available scholarships to students.

For generations, Millersville has offered high quality educational experiences to students at a fraction of the cost of competing institutions. As a public university, Millersville is committed to remaining accessible. Today, 83 percent of Millersville students receive some form of financial aid including federal or state grants, scholarships or loans.

Current economic trends across the Commonwealth and throughout the country have made affording college increasingly difficult for many families. To remain competitive in the marketplace and to attract and retain the best students, Millersville must continue to focus on raising funds to support merit and need-based scholarships.

Resources for merit and need-based scholarships are critical to ensure that Millersville remains both accessible and competitive. Merit-based scholarships not only recognize academic excellence, they provide the University with the opportunity to attract the best and brightest incoming students from the state and region, along with the highest achieving students from coast-to-coast and around the world.

An increase of private support for need-based scholarships ensures that Millersville remains accessible and continues to serve academically qualified students who may otherwise not have the opportunity to pursue higher education.

Imagine Greater Access to Education and Experiences

“Scholarships have enriched my life in many ways. Not only does this financial aid make attending Millersville possible, but this support is providing me with unparalleled opportunities. From science research projects in our geo-graphics lab and studying the ecotourism industry in Belize to Honors College trips to New York City and participating in local community service projects, scholarships make these experiences possible.”

Grace Smoot ’19